High Demand for Free Standing Warehouses with Outdoor Storage Yards in West Palm Beach

Written by smacke01 on August 22nd, 2014

As South Florida slowly exits from the Great Recession we are seeing signs of life from small businesses.  Business owners are no longer sitting on their hands and hoarding cash.  They are gaining enough confidence in the market and the flow of business is consistent enough to start making longer-term investments in their businesses.

Small businesses are expanding.  They are looking for larger spaces when their leases roll over instead of staying put.  Small business owners are also on the hunt for their own buildings again.  These business owners will always prefer to own rather than rent and now that their balance sheets and cash flows are improved, they are back in the market looking to invest.

The interesting thing about these small industrial businesses is that many of them would love to have a storage yard for all their equipment next to their warehouse building.  Most of these industrial businesses need to store equipment, trucks, inventory, tractors, trailers, granite slabs, roof tiles, pipes, and who knows what else.  The problem is there are not many properties that have these outdoor storage yards attached to the warehouse and that is why these owner user type properties are in high demand right now.

If you are one of these business owners that is looking for one of these owner user properties that has office space, warehouse space, and fenced outdoor storage space check out this property off Congress Avenue between 45th Street and Blue Heron Boulevard.   The address is 1701 W 10th Street .

Warehouse with Fenced Storage

This particular property has a 5,560 square foot freestanding office warehouse building on 1.38 acres.  The whole property is fenced in and is located at the end of a very nice industrial park that contains 14 similar owner user buildings.  The building has approximately 2,500 square feet of built out office space and the remainder is warehouse space with tall ceilings and multiple oversized overhead doors.

Additionally there is a 1.71 acre vacant lot adjacent that is also available.  This lot can fit up to a 10,000sf building and or just be used for outdoor storage.

Both these properties are available for sale and or lease and I encourage anybody interested to call our office 561-738-7576 for more details or visit our website www.mackindustrial.com

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